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Insecurity and the desire for approval can create lasting damage in a marriage. Are you allowing them to destroy your love and affect your partner? These deep-seated desires are difficult to eliminate, but you can achieve this.

The desire for approval can create an unhealthy relationship. Codependence and other issues can appear, so it’s important for you to recognize them right away.

If you struggle with a constant desire for approval, consider these ideas:

1. Understand insecurity and codependence. If you’re continually trying to get approval from your partner, this makes the relationship codependent. …

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Growing up, I had a lingering hatred and anger about the person that I was. I accepted what other kids and adults believed about me. I settled for the idea that I wasn’t worthy enough to be in the presence of others. I wasn’t good enough and this belief stuck throughout the majority of my time growing up. I was picked last in sports and games as well as for class assignments. I wasn’t wanted or desired for the person that I was. This is a heavy feeling for any child to feel.

I wanted to break from the identity…

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Relationships are challenging. We don’t receive a lot of instruction from the educational system and many of us don’t have effective role models to use as a healthy reference. Relationships also come with a lot of ego sensitivity. Even the most laid back individuals can get quite dramatic when it comes to relationship issues.

The prospect of rejection can make people do crazy things. There’s no doubt that relationships are sometimes very challenging to navigate.

Avoid the most common mistakes that ruin relationships:

1. Attempting to change the other person. If you’ve ever tried to lose weight or get yourself…

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In transitioning from the single world to the couple’s world, you’ll notice plenty of changes in how you socialize.

As a single person, you developed a strong sense of independence. You socialized at times that were convenient for you. You could be as spontaneous as you wanted about when, where and with whom you socialized.

However, once you’re half of a couple, it’s necessary to communicate before you go out. After all, two people’s needs must be considered. And what about the act of socializing once you get there? …

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When the word “abundance” gets used, it usually gets tied into the idea of wealth. When dealing with any sort of relationship, we want the best for the relationship that we’re involved in. On a personal level, I’ve experienced very limiting, miserable relationships as well as joyful ones. The most joyful relationships came from being connected with those that were aligned with the right values and the right intentions for myself and others.

In love, we want to be connected with that person that truly understands us, but when he or she doesn’t have our best interests at heart, the…

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Money is a major source of conflict in many relationships. Disagreements and awkwardness can become even more intense when you make significantly more or less than your partner.

The situation is becoming more common in the aftermath of the pandemic. While some recessions spread their losses around equally, COVID-19 widened the gap between rich and poor.

How can you keep finances from knocking your relationship out of balance? Study these modern rules for handling income inequalities.

Tips for Couples on Handling Money:

1. Accept yourself. You might feel guilty for having more than your partner or resentful because they bring…

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As someone who’s questioning the state of a relationship, avoid feeling dejected. Relationships have a natural lifespan. They come and go depending on various internal and external factors. In some instances, you’ll be excited to see someone leave your life. Other times, it can be quite painful.

With that being said, it’s important to know when a relationship has reached its natural end.

Check out these signs that your relationship has surpassed its usefulness:

1. Frustration persists. Have you ever been in a relationship with someone where everything they do frustrates you? Do you often wonder if you’re the cause…

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First dates are filled with anticipation and anxiety. When you’re going out on a first date, you want to make a good first impression. To ensure you put your best foot forward with confidence, try these suggestions to feel more attractive inside and out.

Feel Beautiful on Your First Date:

1. Shower yourself with compliments. Lift your spirits by giving yourself a pep talk. Focus on your best qualities from your sparkling eyes to your infectious laugh. Tap into the power of positive thinking and affirm all that’s good.

2. Stock up on small talk. You’ll feel more confident if…

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Every now and again you meet a person you want to get to know better. You pursue the relationship and end up involved only to discover that the relationship only brings negativity. This situation might happen in a close friendship or a love relationship.

How can you tell you’re in a toxic relationship?

If you realize you’re in a relationship that’s poisoning you, what will you do?

Review the information below to help you handle such challenging relationships.

Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship

  1. You question your own feelings. You’re second-guessing yourself about how to act and what to say.

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When I was younger, I wanted to find someone that was going to love me. The idea of love and how it is shown varies from person to person. At the time, I was not aware that spirituality and consciousness was an important, integral part of my life that I needed my significant other to understand.

I wanted to be understood, but I feel that I still continue to this day to understand myself and the world that I’m a part of. …

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