A Look At Abundance In Relationships: How Personal Values Play A Part

Sara Knick
3 min readJul 22, 2021
Photo by Damian Barczak on Unsplash.

When the word “abundance” gets used, it usually gets tied into the idea of wealth. When dealing with any sort of relationship, we want the best for the relationship that we’re involved in. On a personal level, I’ve experienced very limiting, miserable relationships as well as joyful ones. The most joyful relationships came from being connected with those that were aligned with the right values and the right intentions for myself and others.

In love, we want to be connected with that person that truly understands us, but when he or she doesn’t have our best interests at heart, the relationship will eventually disintegrate. When we blind ourselves to the truth and convince ourselves of something other than the truth of what’s happening in our relationship, we will feel disconnected.

When we fail to examine the actions that are taking place in our relationship, whether they are positive or negative, we will fail to see where the relationship is headed.

Abundance in a relationship is rooted in the knowing that love can easily flow to our partner and back to us. It is about experiencing more than we could have ever asked for in the relationship that we’re in. Having the right communication and values strengthens this bond and allows more positivity to flow between partners.

Photo by Filipp Romanovski on Unsplash.

Scott Jeffrey recognizes that there are over 200 personal values and lists them in an article called, “Core Values List: Over 200 Personal Values to Discover What’s Most Important to You” on his website. That’s a lot! Find out which ones are most important to you and which ones are most important to your partner. This will help you understand why disagreements may surface from time to time.

If we ignore the disagreements, issues and problems that our relationship is having, we lead it into more trouble.

I’m a fan of the saying, “actions speak louder than words.” Abraham Lincoln was noted as using these words back in 1856. If you’re mentally feeling turmoil in your relationship and unable to find out why it is not feeling good to you, make a list of…