Abundance, Manifestation & Success: Refuting A Millionaire’s Thoughts

Sara Knick
3 min readDec 6, 2023
Photo taken by David Hieb on Unsplash.

This morning, I got a text message from a phone number at 8:40am. It was a screenshot of a testimonial that praised a certain coach. I glanced through it as well as another message that came through. This is how the message went:

Results > Everything

Reality is this:

  • you can drink and still be successful
  • you can be a womanizer and be successful
  • you can do drugs and be successful

It went on to say that winning in business is binary and the message tried to pitch me a free strategy call.

I was very surprised by this message. My immediate feeling was shock. I had followed this coach and thought that he had some good points. He has 487k followers and built million dollar businesses. Even with this, this does not make you immune to the world of change. Integrity, respect and values are worth so much to me. No one gets paid in the bank to have integrity, respect or have values, but it gives you a strong stability and foundation to build everything else on. There’s damage that can be done when your life falls apart. Just think of the millionaire’s life that falls apart due to the ego-driven desire to make more money or get attention. It creates a lack of peace within yourself and…