Entrepreneur Love: Why Is It So Difficult To Find A Stable Personal Relationship As An Entrepreneur?

Sara Knick
4 min readJan 11, 2021

In one of the Facebook groups that I belong to, one entrepreneur had asked, “Why Is It So Difficult To Find A Stable Personal Relationship As An Entrepreneur?” There were hundreds of responses. A lot of opinions and answers directly conflicted each other. A lot of answers spoke to the answerer’s personal truths, but may have not been applicable to the entrepreneur asking the question.

He desired a personal relationship that was stable, but entrepreneurship asks of him to take calculated risks and to deal with the instabilities of business that may come along. Only putting time and effort into entrepreneurship can create imbalance within a personal relationship, which can lead to a more increased feeling of loneliness and isolation.

One person answered the question this way: “Most are unstable and unbalanced. They prioritize a business over themselves and their loved ones.” One person answered the question in another way: “Because they don’t understand your struggle to change your life. I deal with that. I get complaints about always being at the computer instead of watching TV with family. I am taking money making action. TV is not making us any money.” There are various perspectives on the action that is created to move towards a vision that the entrepreneur has. Some partners will not understand the actions taken now to get there.

It takes thought, knowing your values and doing internal work to create your own stable personal foundation to then say “yes” or “no” to people coming into your life. Just merely taking a chance and seeing where it goes can either be amazing or disastrous. Just like when you have to create stability in a business, creating stability in a personal relationship comes down to reputation, reliability and consistency. There are some core principles of business success that still apply here.

There were some people that said they found what they had been looking for and had relationship success. Others had written complaints about difficulties in finding someone that did not understand them…