How To Survive An Unhealthy Relationship

Sara Knick
3 min readSep 8, 2021
Photo by dusan jovic on Unsplash.

When you find love, it can be a glorious experience that brings feelings of ecstasy beyond your wildest imagination. Sadly, not all relationships remain that vibrant and healthy. While no relationship is perfect, some relationships deteriorate to the point of becoming toxic to the life and health of one or both of the people in that relationship.

If your partner is aggressive or hostile towards you on a regular basis, this can be a decimating experience. You may even feel trapped inside that relationship, unsure of how to get out or even whether you should.

If you’re trapped in an unhealthy relationship, know that there are ways you can help yourself.

Consider these steps to save your life and protect yourself from such a relationship:

1. Know that they likely won’t change. One of the common phrases you hear from people in unhealthy relationships is that it’s not as bad as it seems. Unfortunately, this is often a smokescreen to hide a sad reality from the outside world.

  • If you’re holding onto the hope that things will change, you must know that this may not be the case. While some people do find the fortitude to turn their lives around, a person who is abusing you will likely continue to do so. Take the necessary steps to protect your safety and then focus on getting help to heal the abusive relationship.

2. Avoid the blame game. An abusive significant other may make you feel like you deserve the treatment you get. They can even go so far as to say that it’s your fault that they abuse you. The truth is that you’re a valuable person that deserves to be treated with respect. No one deserves abuse and this includes you.

Photo by Vladyslava Andriyenko on Unsplash.

3. Use confidence as your greatest weapon. An abusive spouse may try to make you feel inferior and weak. Instead, choose to consider yourself as valuable. Your feelings and thoughts really do matter! You deserve love, respect and the room to grow and explore the things you’re passionate about.

  • Your partnership should be one that considers the needs of both of you as decisions are being made. You…