I Discovered That It Wasn’t Just Me That Was The Problem.

In my blog post called “How To Manifest The Ultimate Love For You…” I talked about how I discovered that it just wasn’t me that was the problem.

Sometimes when people didn’t know what was wrong , they would say, “Well, Maybe It’s Me That’s The Problem”… whether it was on TV or in real life… it is hard to give up and finally believe that you can’t change something. It leaves us feeling powerful. It made me feel powerless.

I desired to know what exactly the problem was in my love life, but I didn’t know what to attribute it to. I felt like the world was caving in on me. My life was over. I wasted so much time never getting anywhere.

I felt like I was an utter failure.

I realized that there were other couples out there that had great relationships. They posted cool pictures on Facebook and it seemed like they were having the time of their lives! Love existed.

I wanted to know what these couples knew. I looked at their profiles and saw what they were doing and tried to see what they were doing in their relationships that was successful. I also researched my own information about love that made sense.

When I had it in my own mindset that love was possible and saw that there were happy couples in my posts, whether it was on Facebook or Instagram, I cultivated a mindset that love existed and maintained a high level of positivity for my own life. I used the information that I had studied and researched to use in my own life as well. Since love was not fully present or available years prior in my own life, it was hard to think that it existed for me. I kept doubting myself.

I realized that when I found a guy who genuinely was interested in me that it erased all prior doubts that I had. Love is a two way street. I found someone that I actually did find interesting and he found me interesting, too. That is love.



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Sara Knick

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