If you created a dating resume, what would it say?

Sara Knick
3 min readSep 30, 2020

Back when I was dating, I would use different online apps on my iPhone to see what kind of people would match with me. I would make my profiles stand out, be interesting and exciting with the words that I would put together. I also made sure that my photos would stand out.

People tend to want to know everything about their potential partner to decide whether to continue to be in a relationship, but we may not know everything just starting out having conversations with him or her. There may be things that are kept hidden. There may also be things that aren’t intentionally kept hidden that would impact our decision in staying with someone and date that person such as beliefs or activities that the potential partner chooses to partake in. We may end up anxious trying to figure out if something will work out in the long term and feeling like we don’t have all of the pieces right away to be able to make an important decision.

You may make a decision to be with someone and continue dating, but then feel increasingly uneasy regarding the person that you get to know beyond the shiny facade that was first presented to you. What are you to do now?

Whenever people think of the word “resume,” people think of businesses, employers or employees. You showcase your experiences, skills, references and basically proof that you are someone that an employer would want to hire. If we change this to the dating world, we would showcase our personality, likes, activities we enjoy, job, special accomplishments and what makes us unique.

The law of attraction says that we can attract into our lives whatever we are focused on. If we create a meaningful, special dating resume that reflects us and our energy, we will attract energy to compliment ours. It is important to note that whenever you are getting to know someone, pay attention to how you feel and your intuition. Even if you don’t know the potential dating partner fully, you should honor your feelings when you are with him or her. If everything was going great in a dating scenario and there’s something that you just can’t get past that you’ve recently learned or there’s been a change and things feel like they are going downhill, you are not obligated to stay. You can look somewhere else and start over.

You may feel a number of feelings after you’ve spent time with a person and then feel that things are going downhill. You may beat yourself up for being so stupid. You may sink into a depression. You may not feel like your normal self.

Even if we have the best dating resume on the planet, we will still encounter the unknown and some issues here and there. There is an automatic unknown of what will happen in the union of two individuals. If we know who we are and are accurately representing ourselves to others, we will most likely find someone to connect with sooner than later.

Dating and job searching are similar in that they both require you to be yourself and show your best self to either land a place in someone’s life as a partner or to land a job position. What comes after that may be unexpected and have its ups and downs. The very start is what matters in both situations and how you feel embarking on your new journey. You can always start over if you need to and use your current experiences to perfect your future ones.