Tall Men vs. Short Men

Sara Knick
3 min readJul 2, 2020


I’ve dated both tall guys and short guys. I have had my own unique experiences with both. I didn’t discriminate based on a superficial trait and gave a guy a chance based on values, interest and a feeling of whether we would be good together.

I wanted a taller guy in the beginning of my dating life. I felt defeated when I couldn’t find a decent guy that was taller than me. It was like finding a needle in a haystack. I was 5'11'’ and I would need to find a guy that was at least 5'11'’ or taller.

The taller guys that I had met in my past were more aggressive and dominant in their ways. This was a complete turn off for me. I wanted to feel like I was equal to my partner, valued and appreciated.

I ended up finding a shorter guy that loved me. The way it looked to other people is only superficial. We get along together and we help each other. That’s what matters. For some reason our society is fixated on the look of taller guys with shorter women, but when I research “famous tall women who love short men,” there are results that come up.

I continue to focus on the important parts in my relationship. The relationship functionality itself, values, goals and emotions. If I have a good relationship that feels solid, tried and true, I feel happy with it.

I’ve had my good moments with tall guys. I’ve had my good moments with short guys. The tall guys in my life let me down in a very big way. The relationships ended abruptly. They seemed to feel as if I should just follow along with their agendas. There are feelings that I did not like when I was with the taller men in my life. Emotions are everything to me and I cannot just sweep them under a rug.

I did what was best for me. I did not choose the taller men that I dated because it would not have worked out. We were different. That is not to say that all tall men are extremely dominant and wanting me to follow in their ways. This was my personal experience. I did not feel comfortable with having them take the lead when I was not comfortable with their decisions or thought process. There was one that had addiction issues. The other one had severe self confidence issues.

We can’t control our height. We can control what kind of person that we want to be. I find that our free will in creating the kind of person that we are and want to be is most important. The alignment of our goals and purpose with another person is crucial for long term success in a relationship.