What Are The 5 Most Important Things In A Relationship?

Back in May, I answered a question similar to this one, but the question was asked like this… “What are the main qualities to look for in a person, before committing to a relationship?”

The person that had asked this question appeared to be younger than me looking for answers just the same as I had been in my early twenties. He had answered many questions from other people when I looked at his profile and appeared to be caring and helpful. I feel sometimes at a loss when I cannot help other people like myself by transferring experiences. I went through some difficult experiences in love and sometimes answering questions doesn’t fulfill my need to want to save people from the emotional chaos and uncertainty that I went through.

There’s a lot of people that I talk to and see that I could help, but a lot of people either don’t want help or think that they are doing fine. I wish that I was able to help them.

Having different platforms online so that people are able to access me and the help that I offer is the only way that I know how to help men and women avoid the pain and uncertainty that love, dating and relationships can cause. It is such a vast subject and sometimes the right support is not there for people that need it.

I use the platforms that I have to add value. My blog serves as an educational place in love. The information stays here and can be reached by many people. I also try to gain information from my audience by asking insightful questions to see what they are going through. My objective is to shorten the gap between where I am and the people that I can reach.

The internet is such a large place. Finding the right people that need my help has been the biggest struggle.

I answered the question from Quora. Here was my answer:

“1. Compassionate (showing and understanding kindness and love in moments of vulnerability)

2. Giving (of time, effort and resources)

3. Respectful (not pushing your boundaries)

4. Patience (not expecting perfection and accepting that sometimes things take time)

5. Optimistic (maintaining a positive perspective even in times of doubt or trouble)”

I learned that you can get a different answer to the same question many times over. Quora is a great place to learn from other people who have different perspectives and backgrounds. You can ask a question. You can answer a question. The many dating experiences combined with my extensive background in spirituality, metaphysics, world religions, energy healing and psychic abilities helps me to provide a well thought out answer to whatever question I may be answering. I would have answered the same questions years ago in a different way than I would have today. I am grateful for the knowledge, experiences and mentors that have been acquired throughout my life. Life is a journey and that journey is meant to be shared.

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