Why Do Good Girls Get The Bad Boys?

I saw many people in my life that struggled with relationships. It hurt me to see people in my own life be so misguided and do things that they otherwise wouldn’t have done if their head was screwed on straight.

Let me tell you the story of this one woman that I knew…

She was very open-minded and had attractive features. She had a great smile and a great fashion sense. She was also outgoing.

She wanted a boyfriend that loved her. She did have the habit of falling into love with bad boys. She would try to hide the things that he would do to her just to give him a good name and reputation amongst her family and friends.

She wanted to be valued and loved. He even stole money from her and she was freaking out about it. She continued to stay with him. She even went on to living in an apartment with him.

She was so excited whenever he did things for her. If she was given a gift or a card, she would make sure that she showed pictures as proof to her friends so that they knew about it.

She kept trying to convince herself and others that this guy was so great even after this horrendous act that he had done to her.

If she knew the amazing information that I knew in regards to dating and relationships, she could have saved her time and used her time on pursuits more worthwhile in her life to guarantee herself a better love future faster.